Not Every Girl is Lady Gaga (or wants to be her)

Don’t get me wrong. I like Lady Gaga, she has a great voice and an original style.
But let’s be honest, what she wears are not clothes. They are only elements which define her marketing strategy. Some of them could be translated into real life: wearing a pair of Mickey Mouse ears while walking your dog in the park on a Sunday morning could be sweet and fun. I can’t say the same thing about wearing a dress made of meat, for example. And it’s not because that would be too extravagant, but it would be meaningless. And ugly.

So let’s take a deep breath and be more selective when it comes to the stars’ outfits. Paying attention to that will help us avoid a circus girl look. To have an out of the box outfit doesn’t mean you must wear alien clothes, even if Lady Gaga does it. As a matter of fact, weird outfits are becoming uniforms.The solution?

 Maybe more simplicity and less ladygaganess (as I call the new trend). 

Keep it simple!


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  2. whoaaa... couldn't more agree than this. I always think that lady gaga style are way too much... I like her voice & her song... but not with her outfit...


  3. Concise but good post. That's almost exactly what wrote a well-known french fashion trend analysist in a magazine (grazia) like two weeks ago.
    I like Lady Gaga and I do like her clothes but as statements, not as wearable pieces.

    Absolute B. from Incognito