Basilisque Dresses

One of my soul sisters is a basil addict. Now, what could I say, great addiction, after all basil is a wonderful condiment. It brings some mediterranean charm on your plate and its perfume goes so well with tomatoes, goat cheese, lamb meat or cottage cheese and pasta pudding.
So for this August I think it would be nice to inspire myself from plants like basil. If you think about them...minth, lime, lemon grass, aloe vera...they are all green and refreshing plants. So how about some dresses in the same style?

 1. Jill Sander Emerald Shirt Dress. After a long day on the beach, you don't have the time and the patience to think about esquisite outfits. You just want to go out and have some fun. A simple, yet delicate shirt dress is a perfect choice. Wear it with heels, wet curly hair, smokey eyes and bronzed skin.

2. Just Cavalli Stretch-Satin Corset Dress. Sexy as hell and no bra required!

3. Mango Silk Tiered Maxi Dress The 4 M dress: maxi, minimalist, mellow and memorable. Wear it with straight hair and barefoot sandals.

4. Philosophy by Alberta Ferretti  The 4 S dress: silky, subtle, sophisticated and smooth. Combine it with a pair of ankle strap heels and a classic poneytail.


Trend Translation: Cigarette Pants and Smoky Legs

Since the 50's, our legs have been on fire. Cigarette pants are addictive, but fortunately, they are harmless and quite charming actually. I've discovered them pretty late because I was a baggy pants fan and I also loved flare and bootcut jeans. I had lived for a long time with the impression that cigarette pants are extremely uncomfortable. I tought that wearing them felt like throwing your legs in jail. And even if sometimes I get mad and I would like to punish my legs for being not as skinny/tough/resilient/tanned as I wish...I kinda' love them so...I couldn't send them to prison. After trying out my first pair of cigarette pants, I've definitely changed my opinion. My favorite pair are the BDG cigarette jeans because they are high waisted, but I mst admit that the tangerine ones are gorgeous too.
Cheapest option? Zara's navy pants, available on the Zara France site for only 10 Euros.
The most elegant option? Alexander McQueen's wool pants. Worn with these Jimmy Choos.

1. Cigarette cut pants with adjustable buckles by Maria Luisa

2. Camel piped skinny cigarette trousers.

3. Moschino cheap & chic cigarette pants. 

4. Alexander McQueen stretch wool cigarette pants.

5. BDG black ankle cigarette jeans 

6. Zara navy blue pants

7.Moto Tangerine cigarette jeans

8. Zara Pantalon cigarette



Trend translation: Alice In Urbanland

Miu Miu Resort 2012 collection makes me think about Alice in Urbanland. This girl clearly has chosen a chic, yet witty style.  She could have been be the kind&fancy aunt who enjoys five o'clock tea parties, but she had chosen lively colors and patterns and she turned into an easy-going and romantic girl next door.
My favorite elements? The black leather skirt and the charm bracelets.
What I dislike? The gloves, too dusty and preppy. We don't wanna' look like aunt Mary Jane at our wedding.

Translation of the outfit
I came up with two different outfits that try to recreate the original. The skirt and the charm bracelet were kept in both versions. Which one do you like more?

 Selection from: Asos , Dorothy Perkins, Accessorize, Sarenza, Office Shoes, Quelle.

I think gloves and bow tie are too much if worn together, so for the first outfit I chose some delicate cream gloves and for the second one a little black bow tie. I really like the effect given by the elegant bow tie, the basic T-shirt and the wild leather skirt (second version). I also love to combine warm colors (T-shirt, bracelets and briefcase) with black (bow tie, head-band) and metalic shades (heels, skirt).

For the first version, I picked a more sophisticated blouse, lacquered beige heels for a glam touch and a lovely cyclamen purse to enliven the outfit.

I would wear the first outfit to a day-time party and the second one if I have to study/work until late and in the evening I have to attend some kind of casual event (cocktail with hubby, cinema with my bestfriend, girls' night out). In this case, I presumably don't have enough time to go home and change, so I must pick something which will work out during the day and during the evening too. This outfit is a good choice. For example how cute and practical is the flowery briefcase? However, I would wear the bow tie only in the evening and I would wear flats instead of heels in the morning.

Degree of difficulty? Low. You can  build up this kind of outfit by starting with the classic leather skirt and a T-shirt in a bright color. That will be the modern part of the look, the marks of the Urbanland. The accessories represent the dreamy part.

Timespan: 10 mins until you find your old leather mini skirt. Another 10 mins until you try on various T-shirts and blouses. 5 mins to choose bracelets, heels and the head band: now you move fast as you are falling into the rabbit hole.

So...are you ready to be Alice in Urbanland? It will be easy and fun, as fun as it was writing this trend translation.


Not Every Girl is Lady Gaga (or wants to be her)

Don’t get me wrong. I like Lady Gaga, she has a great voice and an original style.
But let’s be honest, what she wears are not clothes. They are only elements which define her marketing strategy. Some of them could be translated into real life: wearing a pair of Mickey Mouse ears while walking your dog in the park on a Sunday morning could be sweet and fun. I can’t say the same thing about wearing a dress made of meat, for example. And it’s not because that would be too extravagant, but it would be meaningless. And ugly.

So let’s take a deep breath and be more selective when it comes to the stars’ outfits. Paying attention to that will help us avoid a circus girl look. To have an out of the box outfit doesn’t mean you must wear alien clothes, even if Lady Gaga does it. As a matter of fact, weird outfits are becoming uniforms.The solution?

 Maybe more simplicity and less ladygaganess (as I call the new trend). 

Keep it simple!