Trend Translation: Cigarette Pants and Smoky Legs

Since the 50's, our legs have been on fire. Cigarette pants are addictive, but fortunately, they are harmless and quite charming actually. I've discovered them pretty late because I was a baggy pants fan and I also loved flare and bootcut jeans. I had lived for a long time with the impression that cigarette pants are extremely uncomfortable. I tought that wearing them felt like throwing your legs in jail. And even if sometimes I get mad and I would like to punish my legs for being not as skinny/tough/resilient/tanned as I wish...I kinda' love them so...I couldn't send them to prison. After trying out my first pair of cigarette pants, I've definitely changed my opinion. My favorite pair are the BDG cigarette jeans because they are high waisted, but I mst admit that the tangerine ones are gorgeous too.
Cheapest option? Zara's navy pants, available on the Zara France site for only 10 Euros.
The most elegant option? Alexander McQueen's wool pants. Worn with these Jimmy Choos.

1. Cigarette cut pants with adjustable buckles by Maria Luisa

2. Camel piped skinny cigarette trousers.

3. Moschino cheap & chic cigarette pants. 

4. Alexander McQueen stretch wool cigarette pants.

5. BDG black ankle cigarette jeans 

6. Zara navy blue pants

7.Moto Tangerine cigarette jeans

8. Zara Pantalon cigarette


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